• 全自动加温医疗贴内包装机
  • 高速自动枕式包装机
  • 医药版块自动包装机
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Products list
Pillow packaging machine
shrinker shrinking machine
Warm baby packaging machine
Rubber cement packing machine
light mud packing machine
Vertical packaging machine
Cartoning machine
Wet Tissue Packing Machine
To the bag packing machine
Three-dimensional packaging machine
vacuum packing machine
Powder packing machine principle
Semiliquid packaging machine
An overview of the granule packing machine
Powder Packing Machine
Pillow packaging machine
Technical characteristics of the pillow packaging machine
Pillow packaging machine food characteristics of packaging
pillow packaging machine
Company Introduction
瑞安松川机械有限公司 松川机械规划二期厂区 The Ruian Matsukawa Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, specializing in packaging machinery! The main products are: pillow packing machines, vertical packaging machine, bag packaging machine, vacuum packing machine, transparent film 3D
Company plant
Company plant
Matsukawa machinery and research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one market-oriented, continuous reform and innovation, high quality, excellent service to win the trust and praise of the related industries. The professional quality of staff excellent, with the overall project design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training, service and other aspects of the comprehensive ability. Advanced design concepts and professional technical superiority has been a notable feature of the Matsukawa mechanical processing system, strict management system of after-sales service has won a good reputation in the industry. Our step by step to achieve beyond your bit by bit, our motivation!
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